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Zero Risk Trading

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High Profit Spread Trading

Click on the image above to learn how spread trading with options can accelerate your profits in the stock market.

Trade Adjusting – The Key to Consistency

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Free Education Center

Stock Market Basics

Click on the link above to learn the basics of trading stock and how the US Markets work.

Understanding Options

Click on the link above to learn why understanding option is the most critical piece of knowledge you can have for successful trading.

Collar Trading

Click on the link above to learn the magic of risk free collar trading. There is no safer strategy to use in today’s stock market.

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Safe Option Strategies students are the most satisfied in the industry. The key is that we help them success instead of just plugging them into a cookie cutter program. Real help for real traders.

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“From the beginning of the stock market collapse to today, in my mother’s accounts that I help her manage, much of it was in cash and a portion of it was in SOS collar trades. As of the close of the market today, her main account is up about 1 percent and was never down more than 3 percent. Much of this is a tribute to the brilliance of your collar trading method!” – Brett

“My collar trades are supremely benefiting from this turmoil. FORD has cratered. WFC, ABBV, SNAP and TWTR will all yield incredible sums to build long term positions. Gotta love collar trading… 👍👍👌👌👊” – Chris

I want to thank you for your methods and helping during this volatile period. Portfolio weathered the storm and is moving up nicely now. – Amy

Since Jan 1, 2020 my portfolio is up nearly 40% in spite of everything except for the NASDAQ still being negative. Could not ask for a better system or for more piece of mind. Loving this program. – Gerry

You don’t have to choose between risk or reward. You can trade the US Markets with high reward potential and very low risk. You just have to learn how it’s done. You can call or email us any time to learn how to make the stock market work for you. Call us at 1-888-690-6199 or email us at info@safeoptionstrategies.com