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Are you ready to step up to the plate and knock your options trading out of the park?

Introducing the Triple Play - your ultimate financial advisor on the field! If you’re already a seasoned player in the stock market, but hungry for that extra advantage, you’ve found your winning ticket right here.




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What does your program teach?

Lower Risk Trading

There are three cardinal rules to making consistent money in the stock market. First, learn how to trade with less risk. Second, learn how to accelerate your earnings and profits. Third, learn how to repeat this process.

Learn these steps in our free 17-minute class on spread trades.

High-Profit Spread Trades

Trading options, and specifically spread trading options is the key to unlocking the huge stock market potential without exposing yourself to unmanageable risk. The advantages of placing trades that can make great returns with lower risk

Start learning spread trading in this free 24-minute training.

Trade Adjusting

The key to consistency in the stock market is trade adjusting. Learning how to turn a losing trade into a winning trade can make the difference between a winning or losing portfolio. When the stock market is volatile, it is even more important.

Watch our free 5-minute class on trade adjusting.

We offer so much more than just classes.

The Signal Newsletter®


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The best part? Trade adjustments. As the market changes so do we. In addition to the trade itself we will send trade adjustments to keep your returns moving up.


Join us each morning at 9:30 AM Eastern Time for our Live Trading class. We will discuss open trades, possible new trades, market trends, financial news, and more.

During the 20-minute to 30-minute live trading Safe Option Strategies founder, Jeffry Dunyon, will unpack everything happening in the market. Listen as he explains trends and how they affect the recommended trades for the week.


Chat with other members of the program just like you to see what success they are having and what trading strategies you can start trying on your own.


Jeffry Dunyon


Lots of sources can teach you about the stock market but the unique education here at Safe Option Strategies prepares you to make the trades and adjustment that we send you on a weekly basis. Safe Option Strategies sends trades recommendations to its members. The past portfolio returns percentages are based on the reccommended trades in that year.

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Welcome to the classroom.

Learn from the comfort of your home at your pace with both recorded and live course material. Founder of Safe Option Strategies, Jeffry Dunyon, will teach you himself.

With more than 20 years of experience earning in the stock market Jeffry has structured courses helping you learn: how the stock market works, what news affects the market, and an understanding of stock charts.

Your personal guide.

Explore our full program

There are countless sources out there to teach you a one-size-fits-all introduction to the stock market, but Safe Option Strategies has the personalization they are missing: you are not just a one-size-fits all person.

As a member of the Safe Option Strategies family, you are given specific trades and adjustments with your financial success in mind. Here, you are not only taught how to make trades, but what trades to make.

How do I start trading?

It's as easy as 1 2 3

1. Choose your program

Each program caters to your skill level, available time, and budget.​

2. Start learning

Even seasoned investment fund managers have found something new to learn in Safe Option Strategies. We're confident that first-timers and veterans alike will be educated.​​

3. Follow the trades​

Keep an eye on your email for the weekly Signal Newsletter® and the adjustments to follow throughout the week.​