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We call it the triple play

Introducing the Triple Play - your ultimate stocks and trading financial advisor on the field! If you’re already a seasoned player in the stock market, but hungry for that extra advantage, you’ve found your winning ticket right here.

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Someone else can manage your online trading investments, but at the end of the day, nobody cares more about your money than you do.

Safely investing your money into a high-return portfolio means less stress and more of the life you love living.

For less than $9 per week you can get the same results we do

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Take all the guess work out of picking trades and let the experts do it for you!

Get new trade picks every week with details on how to open, close, and adjust if needed.

The Triple Play Subscription makes it easy to duplicate our results for less money than what most traders spend on commissions.

3 or more new trades every week.

Live chat channel for updates and adjustments.

Lifetime 25% discount on any SOS Education Packages.

Bonus access to the first two levels of our trading education (a $1500 value by itself).

All of this for less than $9 per week.

Annual Subscription

Save $125 over one year of monthly subscription
$ 449
  • 3 New Trades Each Week
  • 5 Trade Updates Each Week
  • Access to Level 1 and 2 of SOS Education
  • Access to Level 3 of SOS Education
  • Daily Live Chat Support

Monthly Subscription

Save over 20% by subscribing annually
$ 47
  • 3 New Trades Each Week
  • 5 Trade Updates Each Week
  • Access to Level 1 and 2 of SOS Education

Learn more about options trading

Our options trading strategies mitigate risk and give you control over your portfolio. These low-risk options trades are what we do, it's even in our name:

Safe Option Strategies

Is Trading Options Risky and How Can You Safely Trade Options?

All investments come with risk and trading options is usually classified by the SEC as a risky investment but what if we told you the way trade options is even safer than traditional market investments?

What is options trading?

Trading an option is trading a purchase contract (also called an option) to buy or sell a stock at a certain price on a specific date for a period of time. So if you think Tesla stock TSLA is going to go down and then back up you would want to buy the stock when it has a lower value and sell it when it has a higher value.

Why do investors trade options rather than trading traditional stocks?

The amount of earnings you can realize from trading options can be significantly greater than trading one share alone. Take the stock Walmart WMT for example, over the last eleven months the stock is up 8.69% at the time of writing this article. Now, this return is respectable over the year, yet our program recommended an options trade of Walmart stock that returned 25.45% in just two days.

Now another comparison of this would be an “average investor” or someone owning stocks that represent the average of the market as a whole would have seen a return of -18.10% in 2022 and +19.00% in 2023 (S&P 500) while someone trading options could have returned +84.14% in 2022 and +117.22 in 2023 respectively. In this scenario, the two example investment models are represented on the chart below.

What makes investing less risky?

The key to decreasing risk in any investment is to increase the diversification of the investment. Think of playing Monopoly, when you get more money it is smartest to buy more properties rather than only buying more houses for the property you already have. This way when players move around the gameboard you have a higher chance of them landing on your property. The more properties you have, the greater the chance a player will land on it and pay you.

So the trades your program
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2022 Safe Option Strategies return

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2023 YTD Safe Option Strategies return

WMT - 25% ROI in 2 days

AMD - 161% ROI in 9 days

NVDA - 25% ROI in 1 day

CCL - 26% ROI in 7 days

No more guess work on how to succeed in volatile markets. We do all the work for you.






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Lots of sources can teach you about the stock market but the unique education here at Safe Option Strategies prepares you to make the trades and adjustment that we send you on a weekly basis. Safe Option Strategies sends trades recommendations to its members. The past portfolio returns percentages are based on the reccommended trades in that year.

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